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What is Masonry?

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Masonry, also called Freemasonry, is a fraternity of men who have come together to support and assist each other in raising society to a higher standard. We honour the commitment to our wife and family, connection to our Creator, and service to our community.

When you become a member of Masonry you are then said to be a Mason and all Masons refer to each other as Brothers. As a Mason you are part of an organization that touches nearly every region on earth. We gather locally but our connection is globally. The support you get from your fellow Masons is second to none. An ear to listen in times of trouble, hands to assist when in need, and fellowship to share in recreational and social activities.

If you are looking for a deeper connection to life that gives you greater meaning and purpose, then Masonry will be a great fit for you.

Symbolism & Allegory

Square and Compassess

The principles of Masonry are taught via symbolism and allegory. The most recognized symbol of Masonry is the Square and Compasses which you can see in our logo.

Once you become a Mason you will learn that many of the symbols and structures that surround us in society today have come from Masonry. Since Masonry comes from the order of Stonemasons much of our symbolism is based on the tools of this trade and the science of geometry.

Symbolism has been used to teach humanity throughout the ages. It helps us to convey and retain intangible concepts like honour and respect. One example of this type teaching is the idiomatic expression of being "on the level" which means to be trustworthy. A level is a Stonemason's tool used to make sure the structure is level. In Masonry we use the tool of the level to convey the teachings of trustworthiness.

It is a beautiful system of teaching. You are first taught the principles with this system and then you learn this system to teach others. Continuous learning throughout life is known to develop a very rich life experience. Continuous learning is highly encouraged in Masonry.

Secret Society


Masonry is known for its secrets, such as our handshake. A handshake says a lot about a man and in Masonry it conveys a little more. It lets a fellow Mason know that someone is a member and is entitled to entry into lodge. Our membership spans the globe and we welcome and encourage visitors to come to our meetings. Our special handshake is a practical way to know who is entitled to join us in lodge.

Masonry can be considered a secrete society, but it isn't as sinister as some make it out to be. Many organizations require membership in order to participate. Just as you would not be allowed to attend the board meeting of any corporation if you are not a board member, you are also not allowed to attend a Masonic meeting unless you are a Mason. In contrast though, becoming a Mason is easier than becoming a member of a corporate board.

Masons support each other in all aspects of life and often become the strongest confidants to each other. We all need confidants in life to help us along our path. Masonry provides this for all of its members and it creates a very strong bond between the brothers. This is a big reason why our gatherings are restricted to members only. Just as you wouldn't confied in a stranger, neither do we. We also uphold loyalty as an important virtue in life.

Masonic Fellowship

Dragon Boating

The friendships that are crafted in Masonry can be some of the richest you will ever have. There are many opportunities for social gatherings. The above picture is from the Dragon Boat races held in Belleville in which a number of Masons participated. This wasn't just a great social experience it was also an effort to raise some funds for a worthy cause.

Masonic brothers also support each other in various ways throughout life. We assist each other when we are in sickness or distress, we show up when an extra pair of hands is needed, and we celebrate with each other when success comes our way.

Masonry will enhance your life in many ways. It lifts you up to become a better version of yourself. As individual men grow and become better, we ultimately make society better for all.

To become a mason, just ask.
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